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Ford Focus C Max 2.0 TDCI 163 KS

Original SM Optimum SM Power
Power (HP/rpm) 163/3750 190/3770 201/3780
Torque (Nm/rpm) 340/2000 397/1990 420/2010
Price (euro) - 400 500
+ 27 KS 400€ with discount 350€
+ 57 Nm
+ 38 KS 500€ with discount 450€
+ 80 Nm
Popust na reklamu nije važeći za sve SM distributere. Osnovne cijene su iste kod svih distributera ali popust na reklamu nije obavezan.


Dyno test is free for remap prices over 350 euros.
Price for others is + 50 euros on the price of remap.
SM recommends K&N air panel filter which You can buy from us.
Warranty for engine is not included in this price and is payed.
All prices are valid for cash, for paying via bank account prices are 10% higher.


Become a member of our team and get the price discount. Price discount refers to everyone who are willing to put our advertisment sized 50 cm x 4 cm on their vehicle. We require for our advestisment to remain on your vehicle for at least 3 years, the period of our chip guarantee.
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Good to know...

SM Optimum is classical chip tuning which performs only remaping, it means, only modificates original maps by our measurable (optimum) amplified maps. SM optimum keeps engines in ECO standards and provides optimum consumption, engine and turbo safety, wich means it can be performed on engines which are used for a long time. SM optimum doesn't include special engine services, which means there is no need for extra services of the engine, or some limitations
during agresive drive. After this remaping, all you have to do is to treat your engine like you did before the tuning. That's why, the SM optimum is our recomandation for the most of cars.

SM Power is intended for a people who ask for more engine strength. This kind of tuning requests perfect condition of the engine and turbo, and the SM power isn't only classical remap, it provides the change of mechanical engine parts, depends of a model. With some models it's only sport filter, with others it's suction, exhaust and there are the models who request to set an another turbine, nozzle, inector, intercooler. It's necessary to contact us for each model to get the instruction about what you should modificate on your vehicle to get declarated strength by the SM power. The price of SM power includes only a custom remap on dyno without a price of the extra parts and their setting up. It's necessery for us to give you an extra tip about keeping the engines which are performed by the SM power...