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Dyno Test

SM chip tuning proudly presents our Dyno system for engine strength measurement over wheels.
We are the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to own the system for strength measurement, and also we are first in wider region to own a brand new system which was made in 2009, and as such guarantees 100% accurate measurement precision.

The system is a cutting edge technology made by BARPO s.r.l. company, which deals
with the development and production of dyno systems, and it presents the system of highest quality currently available in the World.

Afer each measurement is conducted, you are provided with the printed analysis sheet containing strength according to the revs, torque analysis,strength loss due to the gearbox and also the maximum speed of your car. The heart of this Barpo system is the so called "Eddy Current brake" which enables acceleartion on rollers regardless of the engine strength as well as the no limit dyno system drive.

SM is always one step ahead and With this system we have completed our tuning offer, and now you are able to get full chip tuning treatment all in one place. With this system our 10-year tuning experience has obtained a new form as it has been the sole missing part.