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Decreases fuel consumption on trucks and heavy machines up to an amazing figure of 25%. We provide this service with price dicsount option according to the number of vehicles.
Optimum vehicle strength enhancement according to all recommendations with the retaining of the prescribed ECO standards.
Maximum vehicle strength boost which includes, besides chip tuning, various other modifications and on some models it even includes a more powerfull turbine, nozzle, intercooler etc.
SM provides you with the possibility of engine mapping after significant mechanical tuning tretmants.We use wideband air/fuel ratio system ZEITRONIX for engine mapping.


Become a member of our team and get the price discount. Price discount refers to everyone who are willing to put our advertisment sized 50 cm x 4 cm on their vehicle. We require for our advestisment to remain on your vehicle for at least 3 years, the period of our chip guarantee.