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About Us

Everything started in 1998-99 when we performed a remap for the first time. From that time, until today, many cars have been in our garage, we are talking about 2000 engines that we have tuned since we started, but we always keep a nice memory about those first few engines that we have done. There is a little story about everything. In that time when we were starting with chip tuning, it was more difficult than these days, internet wasn't as popular as today, ti was period after a war in ExYu, crisis, abeyance and incertitude were prevailing as qualities during that time. But in our town there were few people who were extremely in love with engine tuning and from some strange reasons we were all together and that gave us first few steps in chip tuning. First engine that we did was OPEL KADETT GSi 2000ccm. In that car we put a tuning file which came from Germany. After that nothing could stop our progress. Our next step was discovering map location addresses and editing them, which was in that time done manually and we all remember the time that we had to spend to "decode" one ECU by eprom emulator. Later, we made our own system for chip tuning C2OXE and C2ONE Opel's engines, after that we made a software for development BMW type E30 and E34.

Later, we had to deal with different engines (not only Opel and BMW), and we didn't have the time to make our own system for each ECU, from that moment we started to invest loads of money in chip tuning development. And from that moment chip tuning became our business. We are one of the few companies which hasn't skipped a single step of chip tuning development and in the beginning we did everything ourselves, without anyone's assistance, and gradualy we learned and made progress and it took years to understand everything to the smallest detail haw ECU works and how the engines with with electronic injection work.
That learning process is an ongoing process to this day because technology is advancing every day and new things are showing up on the market daily and every professional tuner has to learn as long as he is in the business.

Today, SM chip tuning has got its own representatives in ExYu region. Only few companies in the World can do the custom remap on your vehicle if there is or there isn't any mechanical tuning, we are one of these companies. we've got the top quality and the best equipment for chip tuning and engine tuning. We've been tuning few the fastest cars in this part of Europe. We've done two the fastest diesel engines from ExYu, its 1.9 TDI with over 300 horse power. Official the fastest car in BiH in 2007 and 2008, and time record holder Sinisa Basta with BiMoto Kadett, is also a member of SM chip tuning team. In our photo gallery there are video about this.

Since 2009 we are providing you with the DYNO test, that is "rollers" which measure the strength of your vehicle. Having in mind that we are the first in BIH to have started performing chip tuning, it was our duty
to be the first who will also provide you with the DYNO test and currently our company is the the only one in BIH which enables you to measure the strength of your engine.

Also with us you have the possibility to purchase nitro systems, turbo kits, K&N panel filters and installment and mapping the same.

SM chip tuning, a place after which your car driving experience becomes a pleasure...

Srdjan Matavulj