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Chip Tuning, why ?

Chip tuning is the fastest, the most simplest, safest and of course the cheapest procedure to give your vehicle extra horse power. Depending on the type of engine (diesel, petrol, turbo diesel, turbo petrol) efficiency of chip tuning varies. Turbo engines (diesel or petrol) have the biggest possibility to get more HP, it's about 25%, other engines about 10%.

Duration of procedure?: Depend of control unit (ECU) from 45 min to 4 h.

Safety of procedure?: SM chip tuning does programming with high tech profesional equipment in EPROM variant, OBD and BDM procedures. Our 10 year old experience is also a great guarantee.

What is EPROM variant?: Some models ( about 1998 ) have EPROM memory system in their ECU. That system must be changed with new (better) EPROM system, which means that ECU must be opened. After that original EPROM stays with you.

What is OBD variant?: That is the procedure which doesn't include the opening of the ECU. We put a new informations by cables which are connected with OBD connector found in most of the cars from 1998. construction year. We put informations in ECU by laptop.

What is BDM variant?: That is procedure which includes opening the ECU. We have to connect unique interface with special connectors placed on a clip board. We use the interface to read and write informations from ECU.

What is happening with consumption?: In the most of the case consumption stays the same, or become less then before chip tuning, if you drive reasonably agressive. When your drive is highly agresive the consumption is greater than it was before chip tuning, which is the result of the increased engine strength.

Does chip tuning make any damage in engine?: Car producer themselves make room for strength increasing by remaping of ECU if it's nessary. Most of car producers, in their offer, have completely the same engines with only difference in the chip found in ECU. That is the way to offer greater number of engines to the market which are different in strength, and that difference was made by factory chip tunning. When it comes to atmosphere engines can only prolong the life of the engine because it enrichenes the mass and therefore cools the mass on the exhaust valves and you get lower EGT. Chip tuning effect on such engines is more than positive. With turbo engines the things are a bit more complicated. ECU controls the preasure of turbine, and by tuning we can increase not only fuel intake but air intake as well, resulting in gained stregth which is bigger than the one in regular engines. Excessive turbine preasure increasement can result in mechanical destruction of the engine, so moderacy is the biggest friend of chip tunning. With correctly performed remapping there are no harmful effects to the engine.

Can I go to auto diagnosis after chip tuning?: Of course, chip tunung doesn't have any conection with diagnosis. Everything is the same like before chip tuning.

Why producer doesn't make engine with max power?: There are more reasons. A car which is saled by producer must be tested in every geografic and wheather conditions, that means that producers don't care if the car will be driven at Tibet(big height above sea level), Hawaii(sea level), or Alaska(low air temperature), or in Sahara(high air temperature). It's tested to work normal at every height above sea level, every air temperature, regardless of the humidity and pressure. They make an optimised chip for every conditions, they don't make the maximised power chip, it means that they take one procent of maximum power to secure the engine in every conditions. Anohter reason is ECO standard which they have to follow, when the engine is new, chip tuning doesn't alter the amount of harmful substances in the exhaust gases, but as the engine gets older(travels more) a problem with the harmful substances appeares. In order for the factory to prolong the usability within ECO standards the re-optimise the engine making it to stay longer within parameters for Eco standards.

What is happening with engine's guarantee?: SM chip tuning like every other cimpanies don't give guarantee on engine. Reason for that is unpossibility to make estimate of engine quality before chip tuning. We can give you the guarantee with extra price and estimation of engine in our special car services. This is necessary to aviod misusage of chip tuning. For example someone wants to do chip tuning with engine which is almost "dead" and pay for it xxx euro, gets guarantee on engine, after that drive extremely agresive and couses a great damage on engine, and for that price with guarantee gets general reconstruction of the engine. That kind of "job" would be very popular if we didn't ask for some extra price for guarantee. So it's clear why we have to do like this. We give guarantee on our work, ship tuning, and all problems which are coused by chip tuning would be rerepaired if nobody taught ECU insted of us, and of course guarantee last 3 year from moment of chip tuning.

What if I bring more people to do chip tuning?: There are a lot of discounts of the main price for the selected car model. Depending of the type of the car discount varies from 10% to 20%. There is also a possibility for us to come to your city to perform the chip tuning if you have enough cars for chip tuning.

My type of car isn't at your catalogue, why?: In the catalouge you can see models which are the most popular for us to perform the chip tuning on, it's impossible to put every model of every car in the catalogue.
In that case, please conntact us on our email.